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Dahua ​2MP IR Dome Pro-series AI Network Camera
Motorized 5x zoomlens 2.7-13.5mm
346,80 €
Lite-series Thermal Network Hybrid Bullet Camera.
SKU: TPC-BF2221-B3F4
1437,60 €
Hybrid Thermal Network Bullet Camera with Black Body, which allows to measure peoples body temperature remotely.
Set includes Hybrid Thermal Network Bullet Camera with Black Body which will be installed facing each other to measure the temperature of people go through the equipments.
23976,00 €
2MP WDR IR Mini Dome Lite-series Network Camera
Fixed lens 2,8mm, IR-light
SKU: HDBW2231E-S-0280B-S2
111,60 €
The Ei208DW is a battery operated Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm designed to be installed in rooms containing a fuel burning appliance.

Electrochemical 10 year CO sensor
LCD display
10 year sealed Lithium battery
Audible and visual “End of Life” indication
Test/Hush button
Memory feature
Integrated piezoelectric sounder
36,00 €
5MP WDR IR Bullet Network Camera
Fixed lens 3,6mm, IR-light
SKU: HFW5541T-ASE-0360B
253,20 €
Coaxial cable RG59 with power cable 2x0,75 mm2
Color: black
Central wire diameter of coaxial cable is AWG20 (=0.8mm) and there must be used KBM- or KBF -connectors. Special crimping tool (PICAP) is available.
SKU: PFM940I-59N-2
180,00 €
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