ENYSTAR Distribution Boards up to 250 A



Distribution boards up to 250 A
with door, in accordance with IEC 61439-3

  • combinable enclosure system

  • degree of protection: IP 66

  • made from polycarbonate

  • protection class II,  


Distribution boards up to 250 A with door

Combinable enclosure system, insulation-enclosed, degree of protection IP 66, made from polycarbonate,

for the assembly of distribution boards up to 250 A, intended to be operated by ordinary persons in accordance with IEC 61439-3

  • for indoor and protected outdoor installation

  • dust-proof and protected against water (IP 66)

  • protection class II  

  • colour: grey, RAL 7035



Material: Polycarbonate

  • Burning behaviour: Glow wire test according to IEC 60695-2-11, self-extinguishing, flame-retardant

  • UV resistant according to IEC 61439-1, Section 10.2.4: The material is examined for UV resistance

  • Toxic behaviour: silikone- and halogen-free

  • Chemical resistance: Resistant against acid 10 % and alkaline 10 %, petrol and mineral oil

Combinable enclosure system with doors


Easy operation of the devices behind a door with protection against
accidential contact

Quick assembly

Assembling ENYSTAR distribution boards according to IEC 61439-3

Further enclosures with electrical functions for the assembly of
ENYSTAR distribution boards up to 250 A, for example, with builtin
busbars, circuit breakers, etc., see at:

For design and assembly according IEC 61439 / EN 61439
with ENYSTAR Distribution Boards up to 250 A
please refer to the guide at


Planning tool Configurator ENYGUIDE at
Free planning software ENYGUIDE: allows the quick and
easy confi guration of distribution boards.


  • Dimensional drawings and parts lists are automatically created by ENYGUIDE.

  • Representation of the distribution board as a detailed 3D-image or a 2D-drawing.

  • Various view planes show the equipment, covers and doors.

  • ENYGUIDE determines the necessary accessories such as the number of wall separators independently.

  • No time-consuming program installation is needed.



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