DK Cable junction boxes


    ENYCASE DK junction boxes

  • wide range of applications

  • robust and solid

  • flexible in use


Various cable entry: push-in and it‘s done

  • cable entry via integrated elastic membranes in box walls for fast cable entry up to degree of protection IP 66
  • alternatively, a cable gland can be set after removing the elastic membrane and extension ring
  • - cable entry through the bottom of the box via integrated elasticmembrane


Modern terminal technology: innovative und flexible

  • different terminal positions and mounting options
  • up to enclosure size 10 mm2 two terminal bars can be mounted in one box, even different terminal sizes are possible
  • High-positioned terminals offer more space for wiring - as well when connecting the maximum number of conductors
  • protected against accidental loosening
  • all terminals with two clamping units per pole
  • all terminals with two clamping units per pole
  • every pole allows the connection of various conductor cross sections and conductor types

Lots of accessories: perfectly included

  • external brackets for fastening are always included
  • retaining strap prevents the lid from falling or losing and makes daily installation work easier
  • closes quickly by a quarter turn, closed position is easily visible
  • easy identification using label as accessories

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 ENYCASE DK Cable junction boxes

  • DK For aluminium (Alu) and copper (Cu) conductors
  • DK Main line branch terminals
  • DK with terminal blocks
  • DK ”Weatherproof“ for outdoor installation
  • DK Waterproof, for encapsulating
  • DK For safety lighting circuits
  • DK Approved for intrinsic fire resistance, Thermoplastic
  • DK Approved for intrinsic fire resistance, sheet steel
  • DK Accessories



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