MC-AF4-AM4-3 Aviation cable 3m

Brand: Dahua
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Connection cable terminated with socket and plug M12 4-pin, 3m long.
For Dahua HDCVI mobile cameras.
Compatible products
Dahua HDCVI mobile video recorder which can support 4 channel 1080P high-definition real-time recording, GPS, 3G/4G

It can support real-time vehicle location tracking and monitoring, and all the information such as GPS and video can be uploaded by wireless network: 3G/4G
This device can also support to connect various accessories, such as card reader, fuel sensor, emergency button.
It has already pass EN50155/ISO16750 in order to meet the requirements of mobile use.
This device can be used in kinds of solutions for different applications, such as city bus/school bus/taxi/police car/train/truck.
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