AHR-871/4 Heat rise detector

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Temperatuuri tõusu andur
  • Heat-sensing diaphragm can operate for unlimited number of times and is not affected by room temperature. The conducting parts use gold coating to avoid oxidation.
  • Uses glass tube to avoid humidity and stabilize the ventilation function. Glass tube also can expel non-fire heat to avoid false alarms.
  • The unit is completely sealed; its function is not affected by humidity, dust or insects.
  • This detector has passed strict quality control through automatic repetitive testing and been calibrated automatically under stable temperature and humidity conditions. Thus, quality and reliability are consistent from the first detector produced to millionth.
Model AHR-871
Type 2-wire 3-wire 4-wire
Alarm Contact N/A N/A 0.8A @30V DC 0.4A @125V AC
Voltage Range 12 ~ 30V DC
Alarm Current
@24V DC 470Ω
40mA 40mA 35mA
Alarm Temperature Comply to EN54, CNS
Ambient Temperature 0oC ~ +55oC
Material Fire-proof plastic
Dimensions (mm)
Dia. x H
111 x 45
Weight Aboaut 130g
Color White
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