FP1270 Battery 12V 7,0Ah

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Battery 12V 7,0Ah
Voltage DC 12 V
Capacity 7,0 Ah
Operating temperature -15°...50° C
Dimentions (mm) 181 x 77 x 165 mm
Compatible products
Metal enclosure for Eldes alarm central unit and accessories
Included transformer, fuse and tamper switch.
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Universal metal enclosure with transformer
SKU: 6560 ,   Delivery time: Trafo telli eraldi
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ESIM384 – micro-controller based alarm system for houses, cottages, country homes, garages and other buildings, also capable of managing electrical appliances via cellular GSM/GPRS network.
Examples of using the system:
• Property security
• Alarm switch
• Thermostat, heating and air-conditioner control, temperature monitoring
• Lighting, garden watering, water pump and other electrical equipment control via SMS text messages
• Remote listening to what is happening in the secured area
• Power status notification by SMS text message

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