TPC-BF5421-T-HBB Thermal Network Bullet Camera with Black Body

Brand: Dahua
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Hybrid Thermal Network Bullet Camera with Black Body, which allows to measure peoples body temperature remotely.
Set includes Hybrid Thermal Network Bullet Camera with Black Body which will be installed facing each other to measure the temperature of people go through the equipments.
Camera TPC-BF5421-T:
400 × 300 uncooled VOx thermal sensor technology
Athermalized lens (thermal), focus-free
Support body temperature measurement
Measurement Accuracy: ±0.3°C, with blackbody
Micro SD memory, IP67, PoE,ePoE

Black Body TPC-HBB:
Black body is the calibration device that maintains a constant temperature
as a reference point for the thermal camera, to make sure the thermal
camera can present the most accurate temperature.
The thermal camera coupled with the blackbody calibration device delivers
a contactless solution for continuous, contactless, and non-invasive
temperature monitoring. 

Set includes:
Hybrid Thermal Camera TPC-BF5421-T
Power supply for camera
Black Body TPC-HBB
Tripod for both camera and Black Body
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Water-proof Junction Box for Bullet cameras
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Pole Mount Bracket
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