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2MP Pro AI IR Bullet Network Camera
Fixed lens 3,6mm, IR-light
SKU: HFW5241T-ASE-0360B
216,00 €
The Ei208DW is a battery operated Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm designed to be installed in rooms containing a fuel burning appliance.

Electrochemical 10 year CO sensor
LCD display
10 year sealed Lithium battery
Audible and visual “End of Life” indication
Test/Hush button
Memory feature
Integrated piezoelectric sounder
36,00 €
1/2,8” CMOS, PTZ FullHD Lite-series 2Mp Dome Network Camera
12 x optical zoom lens 5,1-61,2mm
SKU: SD42212T-HN
456,00 €
Coaxial cable RG59 with power cable 2x0,75 mm2
Color: black
Central wire diameter of coaxial cable is AWG20 (=0.8mm) and there must be used KBM- or KBF -connectors. Special crimping tool (PICAP) is available.
SKU: PFM940I-59N-2
180,00 €
IP Lite-series Dome camera with IR-Led, 4Mp
Fixed lens 3,6mm
SKU: HDBW2431E-S-0360B-S2
169,20 €
5MP WDR IR Bullet Network Camera
Fixed lens 3,6mm, IR-light
SKU: HFW5541T-ASE-0360B
253,20 €
For RG-59 coaxial cable
for connecting with PICAP crimping tools
3,48 €
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