Eldes Security App

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Check what’s happening at home even if you are out. Arm/disarm your Eldes security system remotely, control home appliances or see what’s happening at home live through HD video. Eldes Security App turns your smartphone into a 24/7 home security system.
Download the free App for your Android or iOS device.

Smart Home Control

Eldes Security App allows users to easily control different electrical appliances, garage door, home lightning, water boiler, heating, etc. Live smart and take all advantages with Eldes Security App.

Easy Customization

You can create up to 10 users in Eldes Security App. Adjust the system to your needs: set custom permissions for each user, disable push notifications you do not want to follow and set your personal pictures for different premises. If you sell or rent your home, you can transfer the security system to new owner easily, with a single click.

Exceptional Video Monitoring

Do you want to see what’s happening at home anytime? Easily add up to 4 Dahua IP cameras to Eldes Security System, no port forwarding is needed. In case of alarm, you can watch live view from violated zone and check what’s exactly happening at home. In addition, the camera offers advanced control features: Pan&Tilt zoom, video recording, camera events and even more!


Downlaod free of charge:

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ESIM384 – micro-controller based alarm system for houses, cottages, country homes, garages and other buildings, also capable of managing electrical appliances via cellular GSM/GPRS network.
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• Thermostat, heating and air-conditioner control, temperature monitoring
• Lighting, garden watering, water pump and other electrical equipment control via SMS text messages
• Remote listening to what is happening in the secured area
• Power status notification by SMS text message

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