MICRA Alarm module with GSM/GPRS communicator

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alarm module with GSM/GPRS communicator



alarm module with GSM/GPRS communicator

The MICRA system has been designed primarily for protection of small-sized buildings and facilities such as kiosks, boutiques, holiday cottages, garages and small workshops, but the Micra\'s range of applications can be much wider. Given its compact design, the module can provide mobility for the installation, if necessary. It is therefore a perfect solution for temporary protection of, for example, construction sites.

The MICRA alarm module versatility stems from its capability to support both traditional hardwired detectors, as well as dedicated wireless ones.  Because of the use of wireless communication, installation of the MICRA system is maximally simplified. A complete alarm system can be installed in less than an hour. The optional use of wireless motion detectors and reed switch detectors provides optimal protection against burglary, while the wireless smoke detectors can provide additional safety. Operating the system by means of remote control keyfobs, wireless keypad or mobile phone is simple and intuitive. Owing to its analog inputs, the MICRA can be also used for supervision over technical devices, providing information on exceeding the critical parameters, such as temperature or pressure. Configuring the MICRA module does not require skills necessary for programming sophisticated control panels. To configure a module, simply connect it to the computer with a suitable cable and run the appropriate application. The MICRA module is provided with a GSM / GPRS communicator, with which it can not only implement SMS notification of events via SMS, but also transmit information to alarm monitoring companies. In addition, remote operation via SMS is possible, so you cannot just arm/disarm the system, but you can even control devices connected to the module. The MICRA module, like other SATEL\'s devices, feature top quality workmanship and well-thought-out technical solutions. This means not only a guarantee of trouble-free operation, but also the appropriate level of security.


  • 4 programmable inputs for detectors and technical equipment supervision
  • inputs mode selection: digital (on/off) or analog (voltage)
  • dedicate tamper loop input
  • 2 relay outputs controlled locally or remotely (with keyfobs, SMS or CLIP)
  • remote control receiver supporting up to eight P-2/P-4/T-2/T-4 keyfobs
  • GPRS/SMS monitoring with events definition
  • SMS/CLIP personal messaging on selected events
  • audio verification over telephone via external microphone
  • local (RS-232) or remote (GPRS) programming
Number of wireless detectors  8
Number of wired inputs (standard/analog)  5
Number of outputs (relay/OC)  2/1
Number of keyfobs/wireless keypads  8/1
Number of phones to be notified  4
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