DC100-P B-connector, 100 pcs.

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Wire connectors for connecting up to 4 wires without stripping insulation.
100 pcs.
  • No Wire Stripping
  • Quick Installation
  • No Clean Up

B Connectors provide with their unique design the industry’s most reliable and fast connection. There razor-sharp piercing teeths inside of the B-connector what will connect wires trough insulation when the connector will be crimpt.  B Connectors reduce costs, will not corrode and do not require insulation stripping of most wire gauges before insertion. They also allow for connection testing without stripping wires for faster installations with less clean-up time. These features ensure the continued operation of the security, safety and communications systems in which our connectors are most frequently used. 

- Will Not Corrode
- Withstands Temperature Range of -50°C to 250°C
- can be used almost any crimping tool

0,25 - 0,35mm2: : up to 4 insulated wires   (Cat 5)
0,5 - 0,75 mm2   : up to 3 insulated wires 
1,5mm2 : insulation must be stripped
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