EWK2A Wireless panic button

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EWK2A keyfob model features one configurable button used mainly as wireless panic button.

After the button is pressed, EWK2A red LED indicator confirms a transferred command to ELDES alarm system via wireless connection. If no wireless connection when the button is pressed will EWK2A try next 30 minutes to send the command to alarm system.

Depending on Eldes control panel, it is allowed to connect up to 5 keyfobs.

Main features

  • EN 50131 Grade2 Certified
  • Panic button
  • Visual and audio (configurable) indication of command status
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Wireless device EWR2 expands the wireless signal range between Eldes alarm systems ESIM364, ESIM384, Pitbull Alarm, Pitbull Alarm PRO and wireless devices
*EWR2 does not support these new generation devices: EWP3, EWD3, EWKB4, EWKB5, EWS4
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